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An Educational LIfe Saver!

The Jones-Kennedy Foundation is a foundation that believes no matter where you are mentally, physically, or spiritually, education should always be a necessity. Your wonderful contributions will go towards education materials for hybrid schooling, and personal protective equipment for every scholar to ensure that education can be taught safely no matter the circumstance. 

In becoming a sponsor/giver your seed will be the used to fund the proper needed resources for Ms. K's Kool School . A Virtual learning platform and tutoring company that provides educational virtual and hands-on services for all levels with a focus on ages 11-17. This will bring school directly to kids no matter the learning environment. Your sponsorship is important. Help us prepare for the new innovative way of learning!

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Be the Champion of the Cause!

Notary certified Letter for Tax Exemption/ROI purposes

Being able to proudly say you are part of something greater than yourself to an environment where education will always be a necessity.

Knowing you are a reason comprehending education lives!

Small thank you’s throughout the year to know you are greatly appreciated.

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